How it Works

1. Add a number

Forward your existing number to us or choose from local numbers in over 40 countries.

2. Setup your greeting

Tell us exactly how you want your calls answered. You can have different greetings for each inbound number you have.

3. Sit back, relax!

Our local receptionists will handle the rest. Answering your calls, sending you messages as needed and taking bookings if you have selected a booking plan.

Other Features

Phone numbers in over 40 countries

You can browse and purchase regional phone numbers in over 40 countries* giving you a local presence anywhere in the world. OnePoint Connect allows you to add as many incoming phone numbers to your account as you like and specify the greeting you like for each one. This is a great way to cater to customers in different regions or create dedicated lines for specific purposes.

Answered with your company greeting

You have total control over how your calls are answered by our receptionists. You can provide a custom greeting script for each of your inbound numbers, meaning you could have one greeting for sales enquiries and other for bookings or accounts. Greetings can be updated instantly from your account control panel so you can change how your calls are answered at any time.

Email and SMS Notifications

When a call is received by one of our receptionists, you can tell us how you want to be notified. The receptionist will send you a message via Email, SMS or both detailing who the caller was and what the conversation was about. Alternatively if you choose one of our booking plans we can handle booking and appointment creation for you.

Call Transfers

OnePoint connect provide Warm Transfers and Cold Transfers to clients willing to accept phone calls. Warm transfers involve our receptionists answering a call and collecting valuable information. Our receptionists then contact you (the client) and provide the call details to you directly. A cold transfer involves our receptionists answer a call and process a call transfer directly to you. Cold Calls are frequent for businesses who experience a string of important calls that need to be handles quickly.