Frequently Asked Questions

Any which way! When you setup an inbound number you can tell us exactly how you want your calls answered.
If you have multiple inbound numbers you can create different greetings for each number.
You will need a number of some description but there are options. You can forward your exisiting number to us or choose from localised number in over 40 countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK.
You certainly can. Just be aware that you may incur call forwarding charges from your phone carrier.
You can choose to receive messages via Email, SMS or both if you prefer. A copy of all messages is also available in your account control panel.
You bet we can. If you choose one of our plans that includes bookings we can handle availability enquiries and book your appointments for you.
A calendar is available inside your account where you can define availability and see bookings.
We operate on a month in advance basis. Each month your OnePoint Connect account will be deducted an amount depending on your plan and extras you have with us. Upon signup you will be charged for the first month of service. Each subsequent month is charged automatically via our secure payment gateway.
No, No Definitely Not! With OnePoint Connect you only pay for what you use and can cancel your account at any time. (But we would be really sad)
No need to worry. Additional incoming calls are charged at super low rates meaning no unexpected blow outs. Check out our pricing page for more info on additonal calls.
About 30 seconds. One you sign up for a plan, provisioning of your account will happen straight away. When you buy numbers in your account you can use those straight away too.
Right now we don't answer calls 24/7. OnePoint Connect is focused on providing the highest quality customer service experience and uses only Australian receptionists. If you have a need for calls to be answered outside normal business hours, please get in touch.

We can handle your between:
8:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday AEST (QLD Time)
In your account you are able to upload an audio file that will used as your voicemail message. You can choose to use the default message, upload your own or we can arrange for a voice artist to record a branded message for you.