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Say Goodbye to Missed Appointments, Hello to Seamless Scheduling. Virtual Admin Assistants Help Effortlessly Manage Your Busy Calendar and Stay Ahead of Your Schedule.

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Appointments Made Easy

All of our appointment management services are designed according to your business circumstances, so you can take advantage of a tailor-made, professional service that works best for your business.

Fixing and managing appointments on a daily basis can be quite time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a dedicated assistant who could handle all your appointments efficiently?

OnePoint Connect can manage all your appointments on a daily basis.

With OnePoint Connect, you can plan your work in advance and not worry about scheduling appointments for the next few weeks.

Set Your Availability

Each booking system we use allows complete control over schedule availability.

Whether you’re wanting to block out entire days, have an extended lunch on Fridays, or only work weekends; we book appointments to match your schedule.

Not only can OnePoint Connect assist with your calendar management, but all appointments are communicated to you via SMS and email at the time of booking.

If you want to stay on top of your business appointments and ensure that bookings are made efficiently, OnePoint Connect is here to help.

Forget The Diary

With access to your booking system, our expert admin staff can work with your in-house staff on appointment management or take over the reigns as the primary booking contact.

It is extremely important that you manage your time in the best possible way, so you can devote sufficient time for all your business activities, including being available for pre-scheduled appointments.

Spend less time on appointment scheduling and give your business a professional uplift.

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