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Streamline Your Front Desk Operations with Our Australian Virtual Receptionist Support. Experience Seamless Communication and Elevate Your Customer Service Today.

Australian Virtual Receptionists

Perfect for small and medium sized businesses

Our Virtual Receptionist services are now available as an optional add-on for our admin service packages. Whether you need an extra hand during peak hours or want to offer your customers round-the-clock support, this feature is the perfect solution. And the best part? It's completely up to you! Simply let us know if you'd like to add it to your package, and we'll take care of the rest.

Local, Friendly Receptionists

Our receptionists are second to none; we work hard maintaining our standard of excellence with world-class training and monitoring.

Your OnePoint Connect receptionist respects your customers and reputation as highly as you do. We’re also proud to say all our receptionists are valued employees, not contractors.

All our receptionists are based in Brisbane, Queensland so important details such as language, accents and tone naturally complement your business.

Custom Greetings

Our voice is yours. All calls are answered with your preferred greeting. You provide the script and we bring it to life with a natural and professional voice for your business.

You can also enhance your caller experience with customised pre-connect, on-hold and out of office messages.

OnePoint Connect can supply professional audio messages or you can upload your own through the accounts portal.

Messaging + Call Transfer Options

Call summaries are sent to you instantly via email or SMS.

Calls can also be transferred to you anywhere in the world.

We offer cold transfers and also warm transfers whereby all callers are announced, giving you the discretion to accept a call or receive a message instead.

Call Overflow

Businesses may require call overflow handling if they do not have the resources to employ a full-time receptionist. Alternatively, businesses may also require OnePoint Connect’s call overflow service due to high volume of incoming calls.

Stay on top of customer service with call overflow; a standard feature of your monthly OnePoint Connect plan. Call overflow routes calls away from a busy or overcrowded line and directs your customers to a secondary number, ensuring calls are answered at all times.

Affordable Outbound Services

OnePoint Connect offer affordable outbound services in the form of calls, fax and email.

With OnePoint Connect, you can schedule outbounds in advance for our local receptionists to action. OnePoint Connect fits in seamlessly with your daily business processes and can assist with any needed outbound services in a timely manner.

Fax Services

OnePoint Connect offer affordable faxing services in Australia.

Faxing remains deeply embedded in the workflow of many industries, such as banks, healthcare professionals and government institutions.

From brochures and purchase orders, to client documents and reports, OnePoint Connect can transmit any documents to your desired recipients.

Faxing services can be bundled with your monthly phone plan or can be provided as a standalone service.

Build Loyalty and Revenue

Following up your leads and sales not only demonstrates your companies commitment to customer service, but it also builds your customers’ loyalty and helps generate repeat sales.

OnePoint Connect offer enquiry follow-up services to ensure your customers/clients are getting the very best in customer service.

If it’s after hours and our receptionists are unable to help your client/customer with their enquiry, our OnePoint Connect system will forward you a message with the name of the caller, number and message via email, SMS or both.

Top quality customer service

Online forms are great for allowing potential customers/clients to request further information or request a call back, what’s not so great is when you don’t have time to respond to them.

OnePoint Connect’s professional, friendly receptionists will call the person that has completed the enquiry form and provide them with the information they require or take their booking/order. We will provide you the details of the phone call and will send via email, OnePoint Connect app or both.

After Hours Support

While OnePoint Connect does not operate 24/7, our after hours support will ensure your business calls are processed outside of regular business hours.

OnePoint Connect offers direct communication of all calls recorded after hours. If the caller has had previous contact and matches details in our system, the name and company details will also be listed in your alert.

We like to keep you in the loop, even when we’re not in the office!

Virtual Admins Services Available

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