Enquiry Follow-Up Service

On Line forms are great for allowing potential clients/customers to request further information or request a call back, what’s not so great is when you don’t have time to respond to them.

OnePoint Connect professional, friendly receptionist will call the person that has completed the enquiry form and provide them with the information they require or take their booking/order. We will provide you the details of the phone call and will send via email, sms or both.

If our receptionists are unable to help your client/customer with their enquiry they will forward you a message with the name of the caller, number and message via email, sms or both.

The more information you provide us about your business, the more we are able to assist your customer/clients and allowing us to become an extension of your business.

OnePoint Connect can handle all your calls, bookings and reservations for you. Get in touch with a OnePoint Connect team member today. Simply call (07) 3106 3361 or click here.